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For an agency or an individual, it is sometimes tedious to understand the process of making an animated film, so we have created a step-by-step guide to help you. Each project is different, the process can vary according to needs, schedules and budgets.


This first exchange will allow us to give the maximum information about your project.

The pre-production phase is crucial, we do everything that is important: you set your technical objectives to target your needs, establish a definitive schedule.



On the basis of Storyboard and animatics, our animators will finally get to work! they will have fun giving life to the characters, texts, and scenery of your story.

The animated shots will be definitive scenes for your movie, so it will be difficult to go back. this is why it is crucial that the previous steps be well thought out.
Once the plans are animated and validated, we will mix the sound and the image for a little more magic!

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What is the story or message of your animated film?

SCENARIO: We will work together on the writing of a coherent and attractive scenario to put forward the message of your brand. The scenario is the written representation of the actions that take place on the screen. This technical document serves as a basis for carrying out the rest of the production,

VOICE-OFF: Once the text of the voice-over is written, we will collaborate with a sound studio to choose the ideal voice for your project and then record it in their studio.


The storyboard is a first version of all the shots of the film in comic strip form. You will have the opportunity to review the storyboard and give us your feedback. This gives you the guarantee of the right path we will take to make your animated film.
And thanks to the animatic (Basic clip, storyboard editing and voice-over) you will have an idea of the timing, movements and transitions of shots.

Once we have your agreement on all these steps we can proceed to the realization of your film.


This step is used to define the main graphic elements of your project. According to the schedule and the budget established together, our designers will imagine one or several original graphic styles adapted to the specifications. We will choose together the definitive style.

We will deliver your animation film in the format you want and on the agreed date together at the beginning of the project.
At this point, it is quite possible to send us modifications but this can lead to additional costs and have an impact on the final delivery.




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The animated film is in your hands! It's up to you, you can share it as many times as you want

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